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Company History

Derita Precision Machine Company was founded in 1955, by Mr. Bert Dennis Butts. Stemming from a long heritage of blacksmiths, Bert gained over 20 years of machining experience before he started this company. He, a few other employees, and later his son, worked out of a small brick building just a few miles from downtown Charlotte. The company specialized in developing and producing a wide variety of products for the textile industry.

In the spring of 1971, he moved the company to the 6.5 acre site where DPMC stands today. By the time he passed away in 1983, B.D. Butts had thoroughly instilled a company-wide commitment to provide the highest quality of service possible to it's customers.

His son, Dennis Butts, took over as president of the company after his father's death. At that time, the company's forte was turning parts on it's 6 automatic lathes which were programmed by placing pins in the holes of a programming pegboard, and setting toggle switches and hydraulic valves. To increase production capabilities, Dennis purchased his first CNC, a Miyano BNC-34 2-axis lathe, in 1984.

The high production gains realized by that machine led to the purchase of additional CNC machines and support equipment. To supplement this growth, Dennis began a focused Quality Improvement program with heavy emphasis on integrating computers into Derita’s manufacturing processes. He, working with his son, Denny, started developing and documenting the company's policies and approved methods for:

  • Tooling control

  • Job assignment

  • Job cost estimation/tracking

  • Inspection/testing

  • Employee/Customer/Supplier Relations

  • Material control

The integrity of DPMC’s quality and production system would soon be tested by fire (literally). On August 13, 1989, an unexplained fire started above the offices of the company’s main building and blazed out of control for a little over an hour, destroying about 90% of the company's equipment. No employees were hurt, and the company was able to rebuild to it's previous capabilities within about 3-5 years.

Since the mid-1990’s, DPMC has progressed into the "new economy" with steady, controlled growth and diversification. The company now machines and assembles products for several large aerospace, automotive, and electrical component manufacturers. Derita is USA’s exclusive supplier for some of the textile industries most intricate machine components such as the tucking needles that weave fiber for clothes, sheets, towels, etc. on the industry’s newest high production looms.

As part of it’s progressive business strategy, DPMC has successfully launched itself into software design, development, production, marketing, and distribution. Derita owns and operates which is a web site devoted to machining related software.





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